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Re: Bbfsterb

Post by blueman » Sat 30-Jul-2022 2:45 pm

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Fri 22-Jul-2022 11:52 am
rawdogg wrote:
Thu 21-Jul-2022 9:08 pm
Now, I just need to pull the trigger on upgrading to see the agency girls. I should see if they are any better than LL girls lol
The agency and those 300 dollars turn me off to be honest overpriced but some guys pay them.
I might try a couple of half hrs later in the year though just to see if I have any luck.
Also I'm finding it hard to figure out where the girls post since backpage and Craigslist is gone.
I'd appreciate any site links so far all I know is the popular ones like leolist sumo and tryst.

Thanks aforehand.
That's pretty much where it is, Tryst is more popular in the US I think, here it's LeoList by a wide margin. was great for backtracking scammers, but LeoList blocked them from scanning their ads, and since LL is the Amazon of escorts, that made it much less useful.

There is which seems to be a classified ad platform but has an escort section. has been around for years (and looks it) but it's another low-cost option.

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Re: Bbfsterb

Post by Oldtimer » Tue 09-Aug-2022 11:31 am

Thanks for all the help I appreciate it just been busy for a while.

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