Mini stick-on condoms

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John Dough
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Mini stick-on condoms

Post by John Dough » Fri 25-Jan-2019 12:27 pm

There are two mini condoms available that stick to the penis and cover the opening to the urethra. They should provide some small amount of protection, though they probably aren't fun to remove. The smallest one shouldn't affect sensation at all.

Jiftip is the smallest one. It sticks to the top of the glans. It is made of stretchy plastic and balloons out when you ejaculate. However, the ejaculate is to a large degree held in the urethra. This may not be healthy.

Galactic Cap is bigger and has a reservoir to hold the ejaculate. However, it covers the frenulum, which will reduce sensation.



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Re: Mini stick-on condoms

Post by magspark » Tue 16-Apr-2019 12:04 am

interesting concept.. This wouldn't protect you from infection via micro-cuts on the skin, though..

I also doubt many SPs would go for it. Would be good to find out, though. for those interested

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