Do you guys know of anyone who has actually gotten HIV?

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Do you guys know of anyone who has actually gotten HIV?

Post by ablas » Sat 04-Sep-2021 3:56 am

Hey guys,

I've been pooning around for a while now and while at first bbfs was pretty daunting, the more research I do the safer it feels. The total prevalence in my area is like ~12k out of a population of 5mil. of the 12k, it seems that 50% is gay men and another 20-30% are from injection drug use. If you then divvy up by age groups again, and account for the small percentage of pooners who actually choose to partake in bbfs, the odds just continue to drop.

And this isn't even mentioning the other things, like how transmission rates is ~1/2000 conservatively for vagina to penis transmission, and also account for the fact that pooners and higher class sex workers probably test more frequently, AND, finally, FINALLY if you encounter an escort who is HIV+, if she is on medication, it is undetectable and intransmissable.

Am i just hugely hugely biased towards my desired outcome that it is quite safe for me to partake in BBFS? Do you guys know of anyone, or perhaps yourselves, have contracted HIV through bbfs?

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