Building Rapport with an Escort for BBFS

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Building Rapport with an Escort for BBFS

Post by kiwi5151 » Tue 03-Oct-2017 4:57 pm

Hi there everyone, this is my first post. So I just wanna start by saying that I've been in this hobby for a while now. I've had 8 sessions in total these were all high end escort($300-350per hour), all the girls that I've seen have offered BBBJ. Now I'm a pretty decent looking guy though I haven't had any SP offer BBFS nor have I ever asked for it. I'm thinking that now I should focus on building relationship and asking for BBFS after the 2nd session if they decline my invitation than I can look to start another relationship with another SP. I figure they are more likely to say yes if they see what kind of person I am instead of just giving them a call/text.

I also are high end girls more likely to offer BBFS. Obviously there no way of knowing this for sure, but that are your thoughts and experience on this thank you.

Thoughts and suggestions would be great.

Thank you.

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