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Post by Buster » Sat 20-Nov-2021 8:39 am

ok . I thought it was time to get tested and these guys popped up after I googled a few things. Yet another thing google knows about me I suppose. Anyway, you pay them $29 you hafta give them your health card number also. They fax a requisition to the Lifelabs location of your choosing, you then schedule to go to the Lifelabs spot and they take the samples with no questions or disapproving stares. Teletest then gives you the results as they become available. I got my pee test ones back in less than 24-h. The $29 is way worth the time and teh trip to the public health clinic imho . Be aware that this could be a little tech complicated for some so if you not very tech proficient you may not want this

Update- got the HIV and syphilis results withiin 48 hours. Everything negative btw. Get tested fellas

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Post by sunday1 » Fri 26-Nov-2021 4:18 pm

I used them earlier this summer. Easy as hell. Results in less than 48 hours. Was great to know that

1. I'm clean
2. I had results to show other women

Having those results got me a lot of bb this past summer.

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Post by goatcheeseballs » Tue 11-Jan-2022 3:00 am

Great share. Ill vouch to the quickness of this test.

Through the site, i found a dynacare and made an appointment online. As it turns out, i found another location with a sooner appointment and booked online. (Cancelled original location online) I printed the requisition, took in for my pee test. Within approx 36hrs, i got an email saying results are available. They say blood tests maybe delayed, but they will provide results when available. Negative for me :-)

Even though the requisition was sent to another location, it doesnt matter, so long as you bring the form to any location, results will always get routed back to teletest and then you.

The perk is the convenience, low interaction and speed of results for nominal fee.

Happy rawdogging

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