LeoList - Texted 100 Girls & BBFS

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LeoList - Texted 100 Girls & BBFS

Post by AbodeOfFelicity » Mon 16-Dec-2019 6:39 am

Serious question. I texted 100 girls on LeoList just to do an experiment. I asked for BBFS. About half of them said no or did not respond, and the other half said yes with extra price. (~100) Rarely some charged 500+ for it.

Also, most (almost all) of them did not accept pre-bookings as they were only visiting (Ottawa). So I'm assuming they're pimped and being moved around every few days to avoid being caught/identified. Also assuming they're probably forced into accepting bbfs.

In fact, not a single established provider agreed to bbfs.

What does this mean for sexual health? Do you or would you see these types of girls? If not, what are your criteria for vetting?

Also your general thoughts about this finding?

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Re: LeoList - Texted 100 Girls & BBFS

Post by buttsby » Mon 16-Dec-2019 9:43 pm

Side note...do you feel like the responses kinda sounded the same? What if there's only a few masterminds out there and they see you text bombing their ads ?

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Re: LeoList - Texted 100 Girls & BBFS

Post by Buster » Thu 26-Dec-2019 9:45 am

About half the girls are scammers and will agree to anything because they aren't going to do it anyway

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Re: LeoList - Texted 100 Girls & BBFS

Post by Socks2Crusty » Sat 04-Jan-2020 9:11 am

What Buster said is true

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Re: LeoList - Texted 100 Girls & BBFS

Post by Strghtshtr » Wed 08-Jan-2020 8:04 pm

I have seen a number of girls passing through town for bbfs, there was nothing suspicious. Most established providers staying in Ottawa don't agree to bbfs with unknown clients because they don't want word getting around. But lots of those SPs will do bbfs if they get to know you and you are clean (test results may be requested).

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Re: LeoList - Texted 100 Girls & BBFS

Post by phonzx » Thu 16-Jan-2020 12:50 am

Might be an Ottawa thing. I have texted many girls in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and Victoria and within a couple of texts they have state they offer bbfs to regulars or named an extra donation for the service. Probably 30-40% of providers.

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Re: LeoList - Texted 100 Girls & BBFS

Post by Daddy4 » Thu 12-Mar-2020 7:08 pm

Are you going to publish your list of the ones that said yes?

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