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by Freestyle4life
Fri 28-Jun-2019 7:26 pm
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Topic: The red zone
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Re: The red zone

Yup red zone been around forever lol
I remember seeing a big titty older milf blonde with big fake tits from there.
Was one of my first bare back encounters and shit was accidental as the condom had broke.
I remember freaking out all night thinking bout the rubber breaking lol
by Freestyle4life
Thu 11-Apr-2019 11:23 am
Forum: Sexual Health
Topic: How do girls "clean up" after pied?
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Re: How do girls "clean up" after pied?

Yycguy is on point that’s what mine usually does.
Do we have the same reg? Lol
by Freestyle4life
Thu 11-Apr-2019 11:20 am
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Topic: LeoList changing owners
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Re: LeoList changing owners

Yes the new crypto currency change seems to have an effect on the amount of girls advertising.
Don’t see as many girls posting anymore. Must be cause they aren’t familiar with the whole bitcoin thing yet...?